After School Program

Structured for Middle School Grades 6, 7 and 8

Who Can Attend?


This year's program (2018-2019) is structured for Middle School grades 6, 7 and 8.


We are looking for high school students who want to gain experience in teaching, mentoring or small business.  This is an unpaid position - but it may count towards service/volunteer hours.

Schedule and fees

  • M-F (following Oak View School schedule), 3p-6p
    • If school holiday or workshop (no school) - we may have all day programs.
    • If snow emergency is issued - we will not be open (no refunds - but we may offer a credit).
  • $45 per week/per student (must sign up for week-long program)
  • If not weekly - $12 per day/per student (must sign up 3 days in advance). Limited space available.



    • Students can choose from project list ($15-$25 value per project - included in weekly fee), do homework or play board games.
    • Students can bring money for trips to Amy's Candy, Sweet Toppings or Subway.


    There will be opportunities to do 'service work' (help teachers prep projects) and larger craft projects (additional fees apply).


    For our weekly program - please register using the button below. 

    • This will set you up for the first week of the program (beginning September 10, 2018).
    • After you register - we will send out an invoice for you to set up recurring payments each week.  Invoices (via PayPal) will be sent during the week of August 20, 2018.
    • We will work with each family individually for weeks not used (pre-planned) and shortened weeks due to school holidays.

    For our 'per day' program - please register using the button below. 

    • This will show you the opening for the weeks in September and October (beginning September 10, 2018).
    • Please remember that registration closes for EACH DAY - 72hrs in advance - and is limited to space on-hand.

    Available Projects

    Students can choose to work on projects (below), homework, reading, board games - or whatever else comes along.  Please note - as the school year carries on - we will add and subtract projects - based on request.  Some projects remain available all year - but some projects are seasonal - or while materials are available.

    Single Board Project

    Single Board Project

    Simple Projects (1 day)

    Basic projects include" single board wooden signs, painted wooden butterflies, bamboo dragonflies, etc.  These projects do not require too much assembly (if any) - and are fun just to play with colors.

    These projects can progress into 2 days - depending on the student.

    Mason Jar Gumball Machine

    Mason Jar Gumball Machine

    Complex and Challenging Projects (2 or more days)

    This category has the widest selection of projects.  Wooden gumball machine, wooden truck, some single board signs, tool box/tote and smaller 2 or 3 board wall hangings fit in this category.

    For those students who crave a challenge - we also offer trophy shelves, chess boards, wooden chairs, sleds and more.  These projects may span an entire week or more.

    Many of these projects have material fees that are not included in the general weekly fee. You will be given a fee worksheet for each project as we progress into the school year.  Every project fee can be paid in advance - online.

    Student Group (sketch) of wooden toolbox

    Student Group (sketch) of wooden toolbox

    Research and DISCOVERY Projects (3 or more days)

    Before any of our projects become available for the masses - we spend countless hours and quite a bit of material refining the project, assembly, minimizing waste and improving efficiencies.

    Our after school students will have the opportunity to help test prototypes as well as help create documentation. 

    There isn't an additional fee for R&D activities.  However, students should not anticipate taking a project home.  Once these projects graduate into the 'focus group' stage - then they can choose to build and take home a project.



    Guidelines & Rules


    Note ~ All participants may use hand clippers, chisels, sanding blocks, knives, hand drill and hand saw - among other hand tools.  Participants age 12 and older may also use powered palm sanders, finish sanders, power drills and small grinders (Dremel).  No participant will be allowed to operate power tools such as a table saw, circular saw, planer, drum sander, miter saw or band saw.         

    If Boardwalk DIY Studio deems necessary to send a waiver (or consent) home with your child before they use a specific tool - please return promptly.      

    Terms & Conditions


    Boardwalk DIY Studio volunteers are not licensed teachers, daycare providers or babysitters (for lack of a better term).  We do have over 11 years of mentoring and teaching students ages 7 – 17 and over 20 years in wood working, crafts and entrepreneurship.

    All of the adults helping in this week’s events are volunteers.  Please treat them with respect and learn from their experience.


    All participants are expected to follow the Boy Scout Oath and Law.  If your child is not a Boy Scout – please help familiarize them to these core expectations.

    No use of electronics with permission by instructor(s).

    Students will be expected to work as a team AND to the best of their ability.  They will NOT be allowed to waste the time or disrupt others.


    Please let us know if your child will not be attending the daily program.  We need to make sure that all children are accounted ofr each and every day.

    Children will be permitted to leave camp – only at the approved end times for each day – OR when a parent/guardian makes arrangements to pick them up outside of the daily schedule.

    All parents/guardians picking up their child MUST present a Driver’s License.


    If parent(s) must be called to pick up their child because of their child’s inability to follow rules and expectations at camp – there will be no refundsno readmittance for the rest of the week and an approved parent/guardian must pick them up from camp.  We cannot let the child leave and walk/bike home on their own.

    However, the parent/guardian does have the opportunity to try and talk their child through whatever rule(s) they are having issues following and we can all return back to class.


    Boardwalk DIY Studio has no plans on changing the schedule for the week.  However, if a change becomes necessary – we will work with all affected participants to find a solution.