Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is a class?

  • Class prices range - depending on the age group.  
    • Kid's Workshop classes $15.00 - $25.00/project.  
    • Teen Studio classes $25.00/project. (normally after school programs and birthday parties)
    • Adult Studio classes $65.00/project.  Joining our email list gets you access to discounts of 10% and more.
    • Special Project Classes (seasonal) - please see class description.

What is the age limit for a class?

  • Kid's Workshop: ages 7 - 13,  one parent/guardian is required.
  • Teen Studio: ages 13 - 17, and the parent may want to assist them in building the project.
  • Adult (Open) Studio: age 18 and older.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

  • Since each project is custom cut - once you reserve a space - cancellations cannot be made.  However, you can reschedule your appointment by clicking on the 'Reschedule/Cancel' link in your confirmation email.

Can we book Private Events?

  • Yes you can.  Just send us an email with your information and date(s) you are considering.  We will connect with you to set up your class and help you send out links to friends, family, colleagues to sign up.

Do we actually build the sign?

  • That's the best part of 'Make It Yourself'.  We supply the wood, sand paper, tools and paint/stain.  You supply the muscle and elbow grease.  Everything can be done with hand tools - however, you can choose to use one of our power drills.

What should I wear? 

  • Comfortable clothes.  Something that can get paint or stain on them.  We do offer aprons to wear over your clothing. We suggest wearing something that has sleeves that can be pushed up. Maybe even have your hair tied back so you can avoid getting it into the paint and stain.

Do we get to pick the colors?

  • Yes.  There are multiple options (currently 7) for stain colors and dozens of paint colors to paint in your stenciled design.
  • We have examples of each stain color and each paint color at our studio that you can pick from at the time of your class.

Do we hand draw the design on the sign?

  • Most of our signs utilize stencils created here in Andover.  There are times I cannot draw a straight line.  We use stencils and specific brush techniques to apply the design.
  • If a design requires any 'free-hand', this will be noted in the description.

How many people can fit in a class?

  • 36 is the maximum.

Can we bring food or beverages?

  • Yes you can.  Small snacks and/or drinks are more than welcome.  Small glasses will be provided.
  • Some of our Open Studio classes will have snacks and sandwiches provided.  This will be listed on the reservation.

Can alcohol be purchased during class?

  • No.  According to Andover City Code 3-1B-2 E, no alcohol can be purchased from our establishment.
  • The most important thing is to make the most of what (y)our studio has to offer in a safe and fun atmosphere - in a space where you can pick up a brush and create.

What type of stain and paint do you use?

  • We use water based stains and milk paint for most of our projects.   Participants can also choose to use latex and acrylic paints.  
  • We strive to provide non-toxic materials for your project.  Compared to oil based stains - our water based materials help reduce the impact on the environment, keep fumes low and allow us to dispose of rags and brushes in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) which provide important product information - and can be provided upon request.  

Why 'water based' materials?

  • Water based stains and paints clean up with soap and water.  They have less fumes, dry faster and are easier to store and dispose of.
  • Oil based stains clean up with paint thinner or mineral spirits.  They are flammable, can have potent fumes and need to be handled properly to avoid fire and soil contamination.
  • Oil based stains can help make the finished project look much older, faster than water based stains.  However, our process helps mimic the 'older' look without compromising safety.
  • Our water-based formulas are custom mixed for specific hues and tones.  We show you how to get that 'aged' look - comparable or better to an oil based product.

Can you change the design?

  • No, BUT simple changes or substitutions of words within our standard designs can generally be made with no additional charges.
  • Significant changes to our standard designs or special requests are considered custom and must be pre-approved. If approved, a non-refundable customization fee of $15 will apply.
  • Please allow up to 72 hours for customizations.

Can I design a project on my own?

  • Sure.  We love the unique ideas and passions of our guests.  If you find a sign that we do not offer, or have a favorite quote that you would like to make into a special project - please contact us and we will work with you to complete your vision.
  • No discounts can be applied to these type of projects.
  • We ask for 3 weeks in advance.

When are the new schedules posted?

  • All classes are posted approximately 45 days in advance.  Keep checking the website for new classes.