Local fundraisers are unique, fun, and profitable.

We'll set up a full-scale event at our Andover, MN venue and run it from start to finish, so you can focus on having fun. The best part? Your cause receives $10 - $15 for every ticket sold.

  • Minimum of three weeks advance notice. Of course - more is better.
  • A $100 deposit
  • 30-guest maximum per session (you can always have more than one session)

Choose how much you want to earn

Based on an adult class ($65 each seat). 

You will be provided with a discount code of $10 off each seat.  You can decide whether to use the discount (distribute among your members) or to not distribute the discount.

If you do distribute the discount to your members - and they choose to use the discount - you earn the base $10 each seat.  If your members choose NOT to use the discount - your group earns an additional $5 for that seat.

If you want to customize a deal - we can do that too.

Contact Boardwalk DIY Studio.