Composite Materials - Merit Badge Class


Composite Materials - Merit Badge Class


Join Drift North Paddle Co (Andover, MN) in an immersive experience that allows your student to use both their hands and their minds. Participants will have the opportunity to build a hand stitched, hand laid wood kayak, canoe or hybrid.

Be part of an epic build! Help Boardwalk DIY Studio build a 12 foot wood kayak. Boy Scouts wanting to finish requirements towards the Composite Materials Merit Badges are encouraged to register and attend.

Scouts who participate in all activities will earn the Composite Materials merit badge and bring home a completed project.


Not just for Scouts, bring a friend and let them enjoy Scouting as well (friend(s) must also register)


  • Signed Bluecard(s)

  • (Recommended) Completed Workbook, First Class, First Aid and Totinchip


Drift North Paddle Co - is located inside Boardwalk DIY Studio

1574 154th Ave NW, 107B, ANdover, MN 55304

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