What Is A Class Like?

If you don’t see the answer to your question below, please Contact us for an answer.


How much does it cost?

  • Price varies - depending on project. $10 - $45 per project.

    • Simple Painting Projects $10 - $15

    • Single Signs $15

    • Single Board Specials $20

    • Medium Complexity Projects $35

    • Large Signs or Complex Projects $45

  • Private Parties follow the same pricing structure above.

    • $50 Deposit Required to hold date (refundable after successful completion of party)

    • Private webpage to help your guests choose the project they want.


Once you choose your design and date of class - complete your registration. You will receive a confirmation email - with the details you entered.

Time Commitment

How long does a class last?

Most classes range from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. This depends on class size and if there is food, beverages, etc.

What can we expect to do during our session?

  • (Signs) Each student will start with a preassembled board of 1 to 4 pieces of lumber.

  • You will sand your board (if needed), stain your board, apply your stencil and add paint.

  • Finishing includes our ‘success’ guarantee, oohs and aahs, photo session :) - and a picture hanger on the back of your project.

  • (*) Other projects may take more time to complete.

Clothing (What ShouLD I Wear?)

Aprons, gloves, safety glasses (if needed) are provided. Please wear comfortable clothes that can get messed up if there is a spill.

Sign Choices

Does everyone make the same sign?

Nope. Participants will select a design or project of their choice during registration. Take note of the number & name of the design you like. You will be asked for that name during registration (select from dropdown).

Personalization of signs is encouraged.

Custom signs are available - at no additional charge - please email us your design idea and we will do our best to make it happen.

Do I have to pick my design before class?

Yes - Stencils are prepped and ready for your use immediately upon your arrival to class.

What Sets Our Classes Apart?


  • We hand select each piece of lumber from local lumber yards in the area.

  • Participants get to choose/replace boards - if they do not like the boards set aside for them.

  • Boards will need a light sanding before staining.

  • No screws or power tools needed. We do that for you.


  • The stencils are ready to use when you arrive for the class. That’s right - we complete the prep work (no weeding, taping, etc) before you arrive.

Paints & Stains

  • We use water-based paints and stains. This means low (to almost no) odors, nontoxic, fast dry times and soap and water cleanup.

Other Wood Projects

We do more than signs. These projects will require some hand tool, power tool, sanding and assembly.

Our ‘Success’ Guarantee

We’ve been at this for quite some time. If your project doesn’t work out - we can help fix (or rescue) your creation - or you can schedule another time to come in and we can help you fix your project.

Age Groups

All ages are invited to attend. We have projects available from ages 6 and older. If you want to have an ‘adults only’ class - please consider booking a private party (no minimum number of participants).

Food or Beverages

Please be mindful of allergies. We do not have a kitchen or prep area on site. However, you are free to bring in food/non-alcoholic beverages if you wish. We also have Subway, Chanticlear Pizza, McDonalds and Beef O’Brady’s nearby.

Payment (we use PayPal)

A PayPal account is not needed to complete your order. PayPal gives you the option to pay by credit card without setting up an account. How to use PayPal (even if you do not have an account): PayPal - How to Use


Class fees cannot be refunded. This is due to the prep and materials we do before you arrive at class. If you need to cancel or reschedule - a credit for a future class will be given.

Other Alternatives

  • Have someone bring the project home to you. (board and stencil only)

  • Schedule a 1x1 session with one of our makers.

  • Reschedule for another class time.